Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the Conference will be organized in virtual platform using online video conference system instead of holding it at the Hotel Intercontinental Bangladesh. Date of the conference will remain the same, 26-27 August, 2020. The Conference Sessions will be web cast live and shared in social media, hopefully. Details are coming soon.
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Technical Session-VII: Design for Dynamic Forces-II

27 August 2020, Thursday
02:30pm-04:30 pm(GMT+06)
Chair: Prof. Dr. Tahsin Reza Hossain, BUET, Bangladesh

Sessions Video Link

Field test load rating procedure for skewed highway bridges using grillage modeling
R. Lu, M. Barker & J. Judd

Numerical analysis of dip slip fault displacement affected by railway structure foundation
N. Tabassum, H. Taniyama, A. Hino & Y. Murono

Parametric study on the lateral stiffness of carbon-fibre reinforced elastomeric isolators against cyclic loads
M.M. Riyadh, F.H. Dezfuli & M.S. Alam

Sensitivity analysis of design parameter of I-girder and deck system
T.A.H. Nishat & R. Ahsan

Displacement estimation of nonlinear SDOF system under seismic excitation using Kalman filter and parameter optimization
Y. Yang, T. Nagayama, K. Ishihara & D. Su

Can U-loop bridges be the low-cost solution for jam free intersections along national highways of Bangladesh?
M.N. Murshed, M. Hadiuzzaman, T.R. Hossain & B. Ahmed

Dynamic modelling of railway bridge train interaction for fatigue damage assessment
A.K. Rahman, B. Imam & Y. Wang

Drift-based design criteria for reinforced concrete columns and hybrid rocking columns
Q. Zhang & M.S. Alam

Seismic performance evaluation of bridge piers resting on different soil classes
A.F.A. Siddique & T.R. Hossain

Seismic performance of lead-rubber bearing isolated bridge under long-duration ground motion
A.L. Hassan & A.H.M.M. Billah

Performance of stainless steel welded beam–column joints under cyclic loading
A. Nayeem & S. Ahmed

Comparative seismic vulnerability assessment of shape memory alloy (SMA) and steel reinforced concrete (RC) bridge piers
M. Alhawarneh, M.S. Alam & A.H.M.M. Billah

Finite element modeling and development of performance-based damage states for retrofitted multi-column bridge bent
A.O. Chowdhury, M.S. Alam & A.H.M.M. Billah

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