Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the Conference will be organized in virtual platform using online video conference system instead of holding it at the Hotel Intercontinental Bangladesh. Date of the conference will remain the same, 26-27 August, 2020. The Conference Sessions will be web cast live and shared in social media, hopefully. Details are coming soon.
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Day 1: Wednesday, 26 August 2020 (ONLINE)

Sessions Bangladesh Time
Opening Ceremony 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM
With the Event Host Sponsor from Industry 10:45 AM – 11:00 AM
Technical Session-I 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Break 12:30 PM – 01:00 PM
Technical Session-II 01:00 PM – 01:55 PM
Break 01:55 PM – 02:00 PM
Keynote Session-I
Will the Covid-19 pandemic impact bridge design globally and locally, with emphasis on megaprojects in Bangladesh?
Klaus H. Ostenfeld
Influence of deformation due to collision on mechanical behavior of steel bridge
Eiki Yamaguchi
Design and construction of sea crossing bridges
Naeem Hussain
02:00 PM – 02:55PM
Break 02:55 PM – 03:00PM
Technical Session-III 03:00 PM – 04:30 PM
Break 04:30 PM – 04:35 PM
Technical Session-IV 04:35 PM – 05:30 PM

Day 2: Thursday, 27 August 2020 (ONLINE)

Sessions Bangladesh Time
Technical Session-V 10:00 AM–11:25 AM
Break 11:25 AM–11:30 AM
Keynote Session-II
Utilizing a novel steel rocking pier system for enhancing the seismic performance of bridges
M. Shahria Alam
Padma Multipurpose Bridge: A dream is becoming true
M. Feroze Ahmed
11:30 AM –12:10 PM
Keynote Session-III
Australasian advances in steel-concrete composite bridge and building structures
Brian Uy
Recent trends in Japan in application of precast techniques to bridge structures
Takeshi Maki
12:10 PM –12:50 PM
Break 12:50 PM – 01:30 PM
Technical Session-VI 01:30 PM – 02:30 PM
Technical Session-VII 02:30 PM – 04:30 PM
Closing Ceremony 04:30 PM – 05:00 PM
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